What is CSS Web Design?

What is CSS Web Design?

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What is CSS Web Design?What is CSS Web Design?

CSS Web Design: This was the era of those logos proudly claiming “best viewed with Netscape” or “best viewed with Internet Explorer ?”. Finally, the size of the markup, compared to the actual content, was cluttered and unnecessarily heavy.

And then came CSS …

This fragmentation of the world wide web and the own limitations of HTML language first led to the standardization of the most helpful proprietary extensions and the rejection of the others (blinking text and so forth). This was The World Wide Web Consortium‘s (the primary international standards organization for the World Wide Web) necessary task with html 3.2. The second idea was to stop HTML being misused for presentational purposes. By utilizing a separate style sheet to control the presentation, HTML would maintain its original use, that of structuring the documents.

CSS level 1 was developed and eventually adopted in 1996 by the W3C, despite the fact that a near-full implementation of the specification wasn’t reached for all browsers before the end of the century. Finally, there was a way of separating the structure from the presentation itself, which meant the code was shrunk and complexity. It also allowed designers to create style sheets depending on the use (better accessibility with a large text alternative for visually-impaired users, for example, or layout optimized for printers, PDA, etc). CSS level 2 was launched in 1998 with new capabilities, and though still being a work in progress, present versions of CSS, combined with the fast development of the XML language, allow the creation of websites in a much more efficient way.

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