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Versitek offers Web Design, Development, Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Ongoing Webmaster Services, and more. Our prices don’t include all the bells and whistles that normally have nothing to do with your particular project(s). You pay only for what you receive and nothing more.

We also cover an extremely wide range of capabilities as well as services from the initial concept to search engine optimization. Versitek has everything you need including hosting, domain names, heightened levels of security, continuing webmaster services, and so much more.



We understand how important are domains for your online brand. This is the reason we offer several TLDs on a lower, promotional price, available to you when you purchase a new web hosting account.

We have selected some of the most popular domains to be on promotion. This way, even if one is already registered, you can choose the next one and still end up with a popular TLD at a discount price.

And the best part is that the domain will keep it’s promotional price as long as you have an account with us.


An Advanced Web Hosting Control Panel

Our hosting Control Panel is very fast, very responsive and very user-friendly. You will exert total control over your website(s) and domain name(s). View Demo

A Web Apps Installation Tool

This software tool gives you the chance to easily install over forty preferred web apps like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many others, with just one click. You don’t need to download a single thing. View Demo


Versitek Web Hosting

A Free Domain Name With Every Hosting Package

We provide high-end web hosting and domain name registration services – our web hosting plans come with our easy-to-navigate Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is loaded with value-added tools.

With each hosting plan, you can choose from among more than 50 Top-Level Domain extensions available at modest prices.

There are no hidden taxes, no additional fees and no setup charges with any of our web hosting packages. We have a 24-7-365 support team whose average response time is less than twenty minutes.


No Up-Front Payment Details Required

All our web hosting plans include a 30-day free trial period, which you can enable as soon as you create an account. During the 30-day free trial period, some service restrictions will apply (you can see the full list in your Control Panel). At any given moment, you can complete your purchase and unlock all restricted features.


Responsive Web Design

It’s not just web design. It’s “Responsive” web design.

Through the use of an extensive grid system, a website can be created in order to accommodate to whatever dimensions are being used to view the website without having to load separate pages through the use of a device detection system.

It was in the not so distant past that when a person visited a website, javascript or PHP scripts would need to “sniff” and detect what type of device the user was visiting the website on. It would then determine the correct URL to redirect the visitor to based on the dimensions of that device. Due to the ever changing device specifications and new mobile devices coming out almost overnight, this is not a very effective way to render a website. Besides, with all of the new devices coming out today, you would constantly have to create new versions of your entire website almost constantly. this is no way for anyone to have to do business on the web.

Responsive grids are capable of adjusting the page that you are already on based on the browser dimensions that you are using no matter what device or browser that you are currently using. So instead of redirecting to a different version of your website, the user stays on the current page and simply renders the content differently in order to make the content viewable just the same but with simple modifications that make it look clean and viewable without having to scroll right and left or zoom in and out.

Suffice it to say, responsive grid systems do not work alone. These systems require very special conditional CSS3 coding in order to accommodate the various browser dimensions. This allows the display to work properly while rendering or disabling the rendering of various elements and other properties as well. For example, a standard horizontal menu can turn into a mobile menu simply by resizing the browser. And this is just to say the least about responsive web design.


Full-Stack Website Development

To use the term Full-Stack Developer is to encompass a full repertoire of skill sets that supersede the average web developer. And despite the fact that so many are attempting to categorize themselves as a full stack developer, most developers are still incapable of making the grade and simply brag about being something that they only aspire to be someday. Inspiration is great, but you really have to have what it takes to enter this level of development expertise. If this field of entrepreneurship were martial arts, A full stack developer has reached ultimate enlightenment and would nearly be shaking hands with God himself.

It’s a really common occurrence that you will come across many who claim to have the expertise required to call themselves a full stack developer. Unfortunately, most people simply think that being able to code a little bit in every language makes you qualified to call yourself one. FALSE! To begin with, if a developer lacks at least 10 years of development experience, then the mere idea that they are a full stack developer is but a pipe dream of their’s and nothing more.

Since I have been in development for more than 25 years and lack only the skills to be a cyber criminal (by choice) I can honestly say that I have crossed paths with the best of them and can attest to the fact that there are plenty of full stack developers out there that make the grade. But I have also run across the low-grade pretentious developers that don’t make the grade and merely Google their way through every project that comes their way. From a professional’s viewpoint, they are very easy to spot.

I started off in the early part of 1985 simply learning the basics upward and through High school. From there, I began teaching myself to program in various TRUCK and Machine language formats with the early TI-99s and Commadore64/128 Computers. But this was simple child’s play. After spending time as a Telecommunication Commcenter Operator in Military Intelligence (Computers & Electronics Platoon) during the Gulf war, I learned more about programming technology than I even dreamed could exist at that time. And that was 27 years ago. I have been designing websites and developing in nearly every web language ever since.

Keeping up with this technology was the hardest part. It doesn’t matter what you learn or where you learn it. Neither does it even matter how smart you are. If you are living off of just the basics of what you learned and not keeping up with the latest technology, languages and even being updated with depreciated codes and functions, then you still live in the past. You have to eat, sleep and breath development. And only by living it like a master can you truly be considered Full Stack Development material. That’s far rarer than you can imagine. And about one out of about a thousand self-proclaimed full stack developers out there are but a child wearing a cape and dreaming he or she will someday be a superhero. but until that day comes, Versitek is here to save the day.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the trickiest endeavors among the entire scope of website development. There is a huge misconception about what it takes to reach the top of search engine results and this mostly due to dishonest advertisers making false claims and guaranteeing you those top search engine results. No matter how educated one is in the field of SEO, nobody can ever make that guarantee.

In all reality, Search Engine Optimization is not a trade secret. Any SEO Company claiming that they have a secret formula for reaching top search engine rankings is merely using lies to initiate a sale. The real trick behind SEO is the time that you put into it.

Internal SEO and External SEO.

Internal Search Engine Optimization: This is the skillful process of developing your website in such a way that it is optimized for search engine crawlers in order to ensure that all of your pages are being crawled correctly and that the algorithms are reading your pages for the relevant content that it provides to the visitors. Every single page of your website must be individually Search Engine Optimized in order to provide the best possible results for that page. When you optimize a page, you are generally attempting to make that page accessible through search engine queries based on very specific keywords or phrases. And in doing so, you must make those keywords and phrases entirely relevant to the content on that page as well.

A very common mistake for most people is the use of nofollow relationships to their outgoing links. Many people think that by asking Search Engines to not follow their outgoing links that it will prevent those external sites from stealing SEO points from their own site. In reality, this is quite the opposite. Major search engines like Google see outgoing links as an exchange of information. It tells Google that you are being a productive member of the Internet community and supplying relevant information in order to make the Internet more productive. Of course, there are times when nofollow attributes are ok for outgoing links but that’s a conversation for another time.

External Search Engine Optimization: This is where the real skill takes place. External Search Engine Optimization is the process of performing many tasks outside of your own website. These tasks can include deep keyword and key phrase research in order to keep up with the latest trends so that you can provide content that people are looking for so that you can provide and optimize new content on your site in order to include those latest trends on a regular basis.

External Search Engine Optimization also includes social interaction for the purpose of getting people talking about and linking back to your own website in various other relevant areas of the Internet. The more people are linking back to your site, the more search engines see you as being popular. However, this is not as simple as exchanging links or spamming forums. This will only hurt your ranking a great deal. Backlinks to your site must be relevant to the conversations and websites that are linking to you. And in most cases, many forums and websites add nofollow attributes to their outgoing links which make your website nearly invisible to search engines from that perspective. So the best practice is to get in with certain circles and marketing yourself among specific areas through careful research and demographic details. Interact with the rest of the world and don’t expect the search engines to do all the work for you. The less you do, the less the search engines will do for you.

This only touches upon the very basics of Internal and External Search Engine Optimization. However, there is much to consider and even more to do. This is why hiring a real Search Engine Optimization expert can be very expensive. Search Engine Optimization is not simply a set of tasks that are completed and left to do their thing. This may be the case for Internal Search Engine Optimization but External SEO is a full-time job. It’s also why External SEO is often a service provided as an ‘extra’ and not normally included in with the design and development tasks.

It all comes down to one unmitigated truth. The truth is, you “get” according to what you “give”. As long as you are providing people with relevant content that they seek, then you are providing the Internet with a valuable product or service. And if you are providing the Internet with a valuable product or service, search engines want you to be visible when those products and services are sought out by the people. There is no way around it and there are no secrets that bypass it. It just is what it is.


Multimedia Design And Editing

Multimedia is actually defined as text, images, audio, video, and animation. As a matter of fact, virtually anything rendered on a web page can be construed as media. And the word “Multimedia” implies a variety of more than one media type.

When we speak of Multimedia editing, we are talking primarily about audio and visual media such as MP3s, Videos, and graphic design. To give you a general idea of this, we have provided our emmercial video as a reference to video editing. Furthermore, we have displayed several of our graphic design work below for your reference as well.


Spam And Cyber Security

Our Ongoing Webmaster Service is a perfect solution to your website woes. We provide every possible service to keep your site protected and maintained so that you don’t have to. And best of all, it comes at an extremely low price. Unlike our competitors, we have a built-in system that allows your site to be monitored, secured, and maintained from one central location. We offer many services as part of our cyber security protection.  These are just some of the initial security features.  There are additional security features that are not mentioned, as these unmentioned features are most effective when unknown to the public.

Instant Site Recovery

In the event of a severe site malfunction, you site can be fully recovered in just minutes.

SQLi Protection

You’ll receive protection from attempted SQL Injections and XSS Vulnerabilities.

Mass Requests Protection

We’ll protect you from Mass Requests that are made in order to overload and flood your website.

Spam Protection

Protection from Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to spam your website by detecting them before they even enter your website.

Proxy Protection

Protection from Proxy Visitors or so-called people hiding behind proxies in order to be unidentified.

Malicious Files Scanning

Regular scanning of your website for malicious files that interfere with your’s and your visitors’ security.

Input Sanitization

Protection that automatically sanitizes all incoming and outgoing requests and responses.

DNSBL Integration

Integration with some of the best Spam Databases (DNSBL) to protect your website from Bad Visitors.

Tor Protection

Detecting and blocking visitors that use the Tor Browser to hide their identity and to do malicious or suspicious things.

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Detection of Unknown and Zero-Day Attacks and Exploits.

Industrial-Strength Algorithms

Professional Level Protection Against Known Hacker Attacks.

IP Banning

We’ll block and redirect of Users (IP Addresses), Countries, Operating Systems, Browsers and Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Bad Bots and Crawlers Protection

Blocking many Bad Bots and Crawlers that will waste your website bandwidth.

Fake Bots Protection

We’ll verify search engine bots that visit your website whether they are real or fake bots.

Headers Check

Every visitor’s response headers will be checked and if there are suspicious objects, their access to the website will be denied.

Real-Time Scanning of All Requests

We’ll set up real-time checks for GET, POST and other types of Data.

Auto Ban

Scripting to automatically block attackers and threats such as Bad Bots, Crawlers and other.

IP Whitelist

IP Addresses that will be ignored by us and will not be blocked despite any settings.

Website Optimizations

Versitek will make your website faster and more optimized.

Ad Blocker Detection

Detect ad blocker extensions and then redirect users or show the user a notice.

Scheduled Backups

Weekly and Monthly backups of your website files.


Ongoing Webmaster Services

When you sign up for Our Versitek Ongoing Webmaster Services, you have the opportunity of having a webmaster available to assist you in all of your website needs. It’s as if you have your own in-house developer working for you full or part time.


Versitek Ongoing Webmaster Services is designed to be an extended service that persists once a web design or development project is completed and/or to facilitate standard security, maintenance or extended functions. If you do not wish to subscribe to recurring payments, please contact us for a free quote.