Spam & Cyber Security

Our Ongoing Webmaster Service is a perfect solution to your website woes. We provide every possible service to keep your site protected and maintained so that you don’t have to. And best of all, it comes at an extremely low price. Unlike our competitors, we have a built-in system that allows your site to be monitored, secured, and maintained from one central location. We offer many services as part of our cyber security protection.  These are just some of the initial security features.  There are additional security features that are not mentioned, as these unmentioned features are most effective when unknown to the public.

Instant Site Recovery

In the event of a severe site malfunction, you site can be fully recovered in just minutes.

SQLi Protection

You’ll receive protection from attempted SQL Injections and XSS Vulnerabilities.

Mass Requests Protection

We’ll protect you from Mass Requests that are made in order to overload and flood your website.

Spam Protection

Protection from Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to spam your website by detecting them before they even enter your website.

Proxy Protection

Protection from Proxy Visitors or so-called people hiding behind proxies in order to be unidentified.

Malicious Files Scanning

Regular scanning of your website for malicious files that interfere with your’s and your visitors’ security.

Input Sanitization

Protection that automatically sanitizes all incoming and outgoing requests and responses.

DNSBL Integration

Integration with some of the best Spam Databases (DNSBL) to protect your website from Bad Visitors.

Tor Protection

Detecting and blocking visitors that use the Tor Browser to hide their identity and to do malicious or suspicious things.

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Detection of Unknown and Zero-Day Attacks and Exploits.

Industrial-Strength Algorithms

Professional Level Protection Against Known Hacker Attacks.

IP Banning

We’ll block and redirect of Users (IP Addresses), Countries, Operating Systems, Browsers and Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Bad Bots and Crawlers Protection

Blocking many Bad Bots and Crawlers that will waste your website bandwidth.

Fake Bots Protection

We’ll verify search engine bots that visit your website whether they are real or fake bots.

Headers Check

Every visitor’s response headers will be checked and if there are suspicious objects, their access to the website will be denied.

Real-Time Scanning of All Requests

We’ll set up real-time checks for GET, POST and other types of Data.

Auto Ban

Scripting to automatically block attackers and threats such as Bad Bots, Crawlers and other.

IP Whitelist

IP Addresses that will be ignored by us and will not be blocked despite any settings.

Website Optimizations

Versitek will make your website faster and more optimized.

Ad Blocker Detection

Detect ad blocker extensions and then redirect users or show the user a notice.

Scheduled Backups

Weekly and Monthly backups of your website files.